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Which of the following organisms would be a better candidate for your...

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Which of the following organisms would be a better candidate for your investigation?

Scientists often want to know if the genetically transformed organism can pass its new traits on to its offspring and future generations. To get this info, which would be a better candidate for your investigation, an organism in which each new generation develops and reproduces quickly, or one which does this more slowly?

Please explain your answer!

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Both kinds of organisms would be good candidates, depending on what you are looking for.

The problem with organisms that develop and reproduce quickly is that they usually do not live very long so they die quickly as well. This may make it very difficult to study.

If you choose an organism that develops and reproduces slowly then this allows more time to observe the organism.

It also depends on which traits you are looking for. For example, a question to think about is - is the trait immediately transferred to its offspring or are you looking at natural selection. If you are looking for traits passed on immediately then studying organisms that develop quickly may be your best bet.

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