Which of the following is not one of the components that would classify someone as intellectually disabled? A. IQ below 90 B. Learn less quickly C. Retain less Information  D. Weak powers of...

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The answer is C. Intellectual disability is a slowing of the developmental skill not an ability to learn new skills.  An individual with a intellectual disability is slower to learn to walk, talk, and socialize with others because of cognitive problems and they will be visibly behind their peers however with time and practice they can learn, retain, and apply new skills.  However as the IQ is below 80 there is a limit to the complexity and difficulty of the concepts and skills they can learn.

People scoring below 70 to 75 are thought to have an intellectual disability. (NICHCY Disability Fact Sheet 8)

For example someone with a sever cognitive impairment can learn to how complete two step tasks such as "take the dishes out of the cupboard and put them on the table" however they would not be able to follow a multi-step process of cooking a meal due to their limited abstract thinking.


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