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Which elements of 1984 exist today and which elements do you see happening in the...

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Which elements of 1984 exist today and which elements do you see happening in the future? How could 1984 be used as a warning to the readers? 

I have to do a presentation on this, so a bullet point form answer would be greatly appreciated. 

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One element of the Orwell novel 1984 that can be seen everywhere today is the proliferation of surveillance cameras. As yet there are no cameras in public restrooms--at least none that I have personally noticed--but it is probably only a matter of time before they are introduced. In my city there are now surveillance cameras on all the buses and trolleys. I think they are using surveillance cameras on many school buses. Maybe these are a good thing--I don't know. In my apartment building there are little cameras all over the inside and the outside. They are installing cameras at intersections which are designed to catch drivers running red lights and then getting their licence numbers. I have no doubt that there will be more and more of these cameras in the future, because they make money for the municipality. The banks, of course, have plenty of surveillance cameras, and they even show you views of yourself on television monitors.  Some surveillance cameras merely tape-record activities but are not monitored unless a crime has been committed and the authorities want to see if they can find a picture of the perpetrator in the act. Other cameras are continuously showing live pictures on monitors in offices. The trouble, as I see it, is that the public will get accustomed to being photographed for a supposedly good purpose and that cameras will become more and more intrusive.

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