Which character in Lord of the Flies plays a role as a scapegoat (who bears the blame for others or who is the object of irrational hostility)... ... but also presents a certain commentary of...

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Piggy most obviously fits your description of all of the characters from Lord of the Flies. Piggy is the most intelligent boy on the island, but the others cannot get past his body weight and bad eyesight. From the beginning of the novel, when he is called "Fatty" by the boys and is then corrected by Ralph--who breaks his promise not to reveal Piggy's hated nickname--Piggy becomes the object of scorn and derision. Only Ralph seems to accept Piggy's virtues and assets, yet Ralph rarely treats him as a friend. Piggy believes in a sense of justice and is among the most civilized boys on the island. He is scientifically knowledgeable, offers sound suggestions to make life more tolerable on the island, and he desperately wants to return home. These attributes are all in conflict with Jack and his hunters, however, who only see Piggy (and his glasses) as a source of fire. Once they take the glasses from him, they have no more need of him, and his death is celebrated by Jack's tribe. 

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