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Where and what is the "crisis" the story An Occurrence at Owl Creek...

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Where and what is the "crisis" the story An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge?  

I understand that the crisis is often the decision to end the conflict in a story but I fail to see a decision made by Farquah! Perhaps I am off base as to what really is the complication or conflict is if I cant understand the crisis.......could be too deep for me! Any help much appreciated

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Relax!  You are on the right track.  Consider the definition you put - the decision to end a conflict.  That "decision" might be inadvertent.  The crisis in this story is Farquhar's desire to return to his family, to see his family, although he clearly knows he is going to die.  He spends the last moments of his life dreaming up a scenario in which he would be able to accomplish that desire.  The "decision" you refer to is made not by himself but by the situation.  His neck is broken.  He does succeed in his desire.  The conflict ends against him.


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