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where is music played in the camp?

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dilllea | eNotes Newbie

Posted November 15, 2011 at 7:54 AM via web

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where is music played in the camp?

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lffinj | High School Teacher | (Level 1) Assistant Educator

Posted January 4, 2012 at 9:23 AM (Answer #1)

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In "Night" music is played when Elie Wiesel arrives at Buna.  On the fourth day in Buna, Wiesel hears music near the entrance of the camp; it is the orchestra's block.  "The orchestra was playing a military march, always the same" (49).  Here, Elie meets some of the musicians and learns that they complain of not being allowed to play Beethoven because "Jews were not allowed to play German music" (49).

Music is also played by Juliek, prior to his death.  Upon arriving in Gleiwitz, people are trampling over one other.  Elie Wiesel hears the voice of Juliek, his friend from Warsaw who plays the violin.  While Elie and his father are trying to get some rest, Elie hears a violin playing and realizes it is Juliek.  "He was playing a fragment of a Beethoven concerto" (95).  After getting some sleep, Elie awakens, only to find that Juliek is lying next to his violin, deceased.  Despite the horrific conditions of the camps, music provides some solace to the prisoners.

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