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Where may I find any new interview or critical review of poems of Omer Tarin, Pakistani...

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Where may I find any new interview or critical review of poems of Omer Tarin, Pakistani poet and mystical scholar?

Also, are there any guide notes or documents available on any of his poems or  even general textual and critical approach? Thanks.

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Sadly, there is little material available online --especially critical material concerning many fine poets and writers from South Asia, in particular writers from Pakistan, India (with few exceptions) etc. If you have access to a good library in your locality, or to one of the main big libraries in Pakistan or abroad such as the Pakistan National Library, the Library of Congress USA, the British Library (UK) and so on, you might end up finding some critical material.

Omer Tarin is no exception. his fine poetic work has receivd considerable critical coverage over the last many years but so little of it is accessible to people online! I know of a few sites where you might find some material (given below) and these include a recent interview by Gina McKnight, a poet and critical writer herself, based in the USA. I hope these links are helpful.

Omer Tarin's name is also spelt as 'Omar Tarin' by the way, in some earlier editions of his poetry, and you can also search on Google under this spelling. I know that the Open Library has a catalog of material by Tarin (i.e. his writings, not work about him), so no harm.

Good luck!


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I have also found some links that might be of some use to you, please see, thanks. I think one is also a small volume of critical material collated about Tarin's writings, on sale at Google books. Also, an older and more detailed interview of Tarin's which also gives some information about his background and so on. Finally, a small review of Pakistani Literature published in 1999-2000 in, i thinkCommonwealth Literature.


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Thank you, my query has been anwered here!

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