Where in the cells are vacuoles located and what do they transport?



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Vacuoles can occupy up to 90% of a cell by volume due to the stretching property of its selective membrane.

The transport of different substances is performed by vesicles, which are small vacuoles. The vesicles transports materials from one part of Golgi apparatus, to another part of Golgi apparatus or they transport materials from endoplasmatic reticulum to Golgi apparatus.

The vesicles transport the large molecules that cannot move through membranes and the moving direction of vesicles is given by the tubes and rigid filaments of cytoskeleton.

Hence, vesicles (small vacuoles) perform the transport, while the large vacuoles give rigidity to the plant,store the waste product and separate large molecules in small pieces that could be transported by the vesicles.

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Vacuoles are usually located near the middle of the cell in the cytoplasm vacuoles store water, dissolved materials and waste products of the cell. They usually transport nutrients to the Golgi apparatus. 


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