When mr. Kramer asked mr. Frank if it would be all right to add mr dussel to the list of occupants hiding in the secret annex mr. Frank quickly agreed to take in one more person. Should mr frank...

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Since Mr. Kraler is risking his life to hide the occupants of the annex, Otto Frank feels allowing another person to share their space is the right thing to do. Mr. Kraler also assured Otto that Mr. Dussel would only be staying for a few days. Instead of having a debate with the rest of the occupants Otto Frank makes a reasonable decision to allow Mr. Dussel to stay. He also felt like he didn't have time to consult the rest of the ocupants. Mr. Dussel's life was in danger.

According to the Anne Frank Guide website, "Mr. Frank was the calmest, the children's teacher, the most level-headed, the one who kept everyone in balance. He was the leader, the boss. If a decision had to be taken, all eyes turned to Mr. Frank."

The rest of the occupants felt like Mr. Frank was the leader. He didn't need to consult with the rest of the occupants due to this fact. They trusted his decisions.


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