When Mary Warren says that she pretended to faint in court, what is she asked to do, what is the result? the question is in the third act of the book


The Crucible

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Mary, meanwhile, is questioned by the judge and asserts several times that she has lied in court. Susanna Walcott, Mercy Lewis, Betty Parris, and Abigail are led into the room and told of Mary’s confession. Abigail, asked if there is any truth to it, flatly denies it. As Abigail calmly refutes all of Mary’s assertions, her character is called into question by Proctor, who tells the others that she has led the girls to dance naked in the woods. Parris is forced to admit that he discovered them dancing. Mary is then asked to fake fainting, as she says she did in the courtroom. She is unable to comply.

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Mary Warren is then asked to pretend to fake again. Suprisingly she can't because of the mood of everything. I guess she was nervous but she couldn't faint.

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