When equal volumes of 0.2 M solutions of the following compounds are mixed, which combination forms a red precipitate? (A) AgNO3 + Na2S (B) AgNO3 + K2CrO4 (C)...

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`AgNO_(3(aq))+Na_2S_((aq)) rarr Ag_2S_((s))+NaNO_(3(aq))`

`Ag_2S ` is a black coloured solid.

`AgNO_(3(aq))+K_2CrO_(4(aq)) rarr Ag_2CrO_(4(s))+KNO_(3(aq))`

`Ag_2CrO_4` is a brown-red coloured solid.

`NiCl_(2(aq))+NaOH_((aq)) rarr Ni(OH)_(2(aq))+NaCl_((aq))`

`Ni(OH)_2` is a green colour solid

`CuSO_(4(aq))+NH_(3(aq)) rarr Cu(OH)_(2(aq))+(NH_4)_2SO_(4(aq))`

`Cu(OH))_2` is blue colour solid.

So the red precipitate forms by `AgNO_3 + K_2CrO_4` mixture. The correct answer is (B)


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