When does the story take place, and describe what the place is like"The Monkey's Paw"  by W.W. Jacobs

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The setting of the "Money's Paw" is at the beginning of the twientieth century in England.  The story's author, W. W. Jacobs, himself a resident of London, England, often heard tales from strange and exotic lands from the seafarers who passed by his house on the Thames River.  As an adult, Jacobs make use of these tales as the background of his short stories, tales brought back from the many places under the rule of Victorian England.

The Morris family lives in the English countryside, as Jacobs writes that there are "living so far out," a remote area that has The old soldier has been part of a regiment that was stationed in India where a fakir is a Hindu monk. Certainly, he would have met an old fakir there, as well as heard stories much like that of the Morrisis.

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