What's the relationship between Chillilngworth and Dimmesdale?

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Chillingworth pretends to be a concerned doctor, caring for Dimmesdale. He becomes Dimmesdale's friend and confidant, using that position to find out that Dimmesdale is Pearl's father and is suffering from his secret sin. The narrrator hints at the possibility that Chillingworth is somehow making Dimmesdale sicker. Also, it is clear that Dimmesdale is unsettled about Chillingworth's "friendship" because he admits to Hester that he hates Chillingworth.

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Dimmesdale is Hester's true love and Chillingworth is Hester's true husband. Chillingworth tries to seek revenge on Dimmesdale by torturing him and making his conscience fill with guilt. Dimmesdale's does not trust Chillingworth. They both secretly hate each other.

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