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Whats a good thesis statement for this book??

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Whats a good thesis statement for this book??

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From the moment Europeans set foot on American soil, they have tried to change, or destroy, the Indigenous Peoples whowere already here. That mindset...that policy...continued through the centuries, manifesting as Indian Policy, and later as the Bureau of Indian Affairs

It is the government's need to control...the need to assimilate the Native American into regular Society...that has given rise to so much anger, loss of identity, addictions, and self-loathing that permeate the reservations and Indian lands.

And while the Lone Ranger and Tonto were friends, and had a unique partnership in the Old West, Tonto was never really seen as the Lone Ranger's equal. He was always something a little less than civilized...a little less than White.

This way of seeing, and profiling, the American Indian still exists in the United States, and Canada, today.

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