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What's a good 3rd main point for this thesis?I'm writing an argumentative essay and I'm...

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What's a good 3rd main point for this thesis?

I'm writing an argumentative essay and I'm at a total mind block trying to come up with a third main point for this thesis; "Because of the severity of cyber bullying, there must be some form of legal consequences for those who commit it."

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Without knowing what your first two points are, I may be duplicating what you already have, but here are a few ideas for your paper. You could discuss how cyber bullying is truly different from the traditional bullying that was around 5-10 years ago. People are so interconnected now with social media. Cyber bullying is like having someone follow you all day long. The bullying doesn't end when the school day is over. It is on your phone and in your home; for many teenagers, it feels as if there is no escape. You could also discuss the new strides in prosecuting these types of crimes. Cyber stalking, bullying, and impersonation are all real crimes. The legal experts are working to overcome the limitations of our current laws. Changes are coming but the law is always slower to change than technology.

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