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What would you say Anne of Green Gables is about?I need to write a paper about Anne of...

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What would you say Anne of Green Gables is about?

I need to write a paper about Anne of Green Gables and what I think it's about. Of course it's about many things, but what is the main theme of the book?

Like is it about perseverance? Believing in yourself? Following


Thanks so much.

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When we think about the meaning or the theme of a work, we are trying to understand what the author is trying to communicate through what they are writing. You are right in identifying that any work could have a number of given themes, and so you need to think about what you gained from the work and the message you feel most passionate about to answer this question successfully.

To me, one theme that is particularly evident is that of gender equality. Anne is shown to be just as intelligent as Gilbert Blythe, and even more imaginative. The way that she as a character is used to challenge gender stereotypes becomes evident when the Cuthberts wonder why they ever wanted to adopt a boy. They are shown to be dynamic characters because they have learnt that individuals should not be judged on their appearance, but on their individual worth and strengths and abilities, rather than through stereotypes such as gender.

You might want to consider too how the theme of judging is presented. The author seems to suggest the danger of basing judgements on first appearances. Consider how people react to Anne at the beginning of the novel and yet by the end they have changed their opinions.

Hope this helps! If you want to write about this theme you will need to go back through the novel and collect examples that can be used to support your position. Good luck!


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