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Which three priority objectives would a volunteer in the Peace Corps choose for...

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Which three priority objectives would a volunteer in the Peace Corps choose for increasing the quality of the world's health?

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A Peace Corps volunteer joins the organization to help people in poor areas of the world have a better life.  As an individual, one of the ways volunteers have made a huge difference in world health is to find a way to bring a village clean water.  Clean water keeps diseases away by not drinking contaminated water and allowing the villagers to stay clean themselves.  Another objective has been to provide nearby access to health care which means building the small huts which are easily brought to difficult locations, put together quickly, and bring or teach  trained staff to start work immediately.  The third objective I would see as important is to educate the people of a village about vaccinations and preventive measures to eradicate diseases as well as educate them about measures to take if indeed their village has illness in its midst.  Much of the sickness of the poorest parts of the world could be vastly improved with simple, cheap vaccines.  In addition to "health care interventions and a person's surroundings", determinants of health can also include other factors such as  background, lifestyle, and economic and social conditions.


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