What words would you use to describe the characters?If you had to use 3 or more adjectives to describe each of the main characters what would they  be?



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This activity is certainly thought-provoking, forcing students to travel beyond surface-value and to consider connotation as well.

Macbeth-- Ambitious, guilty, over-confident

Lady Macbeth-- Cunning, supportive, deranged.

Duncan-- trusting, legitimate, murdered

Witches-- prophetic, deceitful, unnatural

MacDuff-mournful, angry, victorious

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Posted on (Answer #3)

I would describe Macbeth as immature, impulsive, and greedy.  I would also use those words to describe has wife, but Lady Macbeth is also manipulative and cunning, and ruthless.  Duncan is naive and of course, royal.  All of them are doomed.

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