What will you do if you need to sell a product say as an example, cookies.How would you sell 1,560 cookies? Where would be a good place to sell? What time will be a good time to start? What day...

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The marketing plan for cookie sales will depend on several factors.  The local area and the physical location of the sale will be one important factor.  With so many cookies to sell, the seller must consider where they will most likely meet a willing crowd.  Some groups, like girl scouts, have been successful by stationing themselves outside of grocery stores where there is a large population of people already willing to purchase food items.  In our area, the local planetarium allows certain groups to sell goods before and after shows.  Some groups have had success by setting up outside the college cafeteria around meal times.  The answer to where and when to sell depends greatly on the area.  The seller will want to catch customers when they are hungry and willing to spend money on food items. The seller will also want to pick the day and time(s) that allow the largest customer pool to see their goods.  In other words, pick the day where the sales location will be the most crowded.  A good business relationship with the location's owner is crucial.  One cannot simply set up a stand outside a store without consulting the store's manager.  If the seller has permission and a good working relationship with the manager, it will be easy to obtain his/her help in selecting the most appropriate day and time.

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It mainly have to do with marketing process:plan, product, place, promotion and packaging.

It depends on the price and quality of the cookie: if it is cheap, the schools would be the ideal place. If it is expensive and of high quality, near the pastry shops would be fine.

Cookies maybe be best to sell during tea time or lunch for kids. You need to get permission for the sale of the cookies as well concering the hygiene and others.


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