What will be some good topic ideas for a 10-12 page paper??Our professor left the option open, but the problem with that is that i have no idea what i want to do it on. We can choose anything at...

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This is going to be a challenge with so little in the way of direction.  One possible way to go would be to engage in comparative analysis of themes in literature/ films.  This might allow you to do a couple of things which will be able to not only meet the page requirement, but help in composing a fairly good work sample. Initially, being able to engage in thematic analysis of literature/ films might allow you to be able to integrate secondary source analysis and develop ideas in a comprehensive manner.  You might have to do some in way of plot summaries, but being able to analyze specific themes in a comparative manner will allow you to demonstrate a strong grasp of the material and present an authentic work sample that meets the requirements of the task.

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You don't give us much information, but presuming this is a literature course, I would start with the work/time period that most impressed or interested you this term; it's always easier to write about something you care about.  Then try to understand what it is that leads you to care about this work/period.

For example, suppose you like Wordsworth's "Tinturn Abbey."  Consider what you like about this work.  Let's suppose it's the new relationship that it suggest between man and nature.  That leads you to consider how it is different and might lead you to a consideration of the role of man/nature in classical writing as compared to the realtionship presented in this poem.  You could use some examples from classical poems, or introduce other arts (visual/musical) to illustrate elements of this difference.

Of course, I have no idea what you might be interested in or what is available for your paper.  If you could suggest the area that you are able to write about or give some more specific information, I'm sure we could be of more help to you.

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I would choose something that I am comfortable with. You could take a poem, story, or drama, and with an understanding of its theme, write a more coherent paper. You could divide up the work into its component parts, like plot, characters, point of view, setting, symbolism, structure, style, tone, and idea or theme. You could look for each of these elements in the work or you could possibly focus on just a few, as long as they support your theme.

I would tend to stay away from any type of criticism unless you have studied it and think that you can handle it reasonably well.

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