In The Giver, what four qualities does the Chief Elder say the Receiver of Memory must have?


The Giver

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The Receiver of Memory must have the qualities of intelligence, integrity, courage, and the Capacity to See Beyond.

Jonas has all of these qualities.  He has shown his intelligence by being "a top student throughout his school days", and has exhibited integrity by forthrightly presenting himself for chastisement when he has committed a transgression.  The Elders feel he has the courage to endure the pain he will encounter in his training, and the current Receiver testifies that Jonas has the hard-to-define gift, the Capacity to See Beyond (Chapter 8).

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1. Courage: Jonas has the courage to undergo the rigorous training required of the receiver.

2. Intelligence: Jonas has been a top student throughout his school days.

3. Integrity: Jonas would always present himself promptly for chastisement when he has committed a transgression.

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On page 62 (in the Laurel-Leaf paperback edition), the Chief Elder is talking about why Jonas was skipped as assignments were being announced at the Ceremony of Twelve.  She has returned to Jonas, number 19, and he is on the stage as she says that he was not assigned, but selected.  She informs the audience that his job will be Receiver of Memory.  Jonas isn't sure yet what this means, but he listens as she lists the four important qualities the receiver must have and why the elders consider him to have them:

1. Intelligence.  She says that Jonas has been at the top of his class throughout his school days.

2. Integrity.  She cites the fact that when Jonas has made mistakes, he has presented himself promptly for chastisement.

3. Courage. She does not give a specific example, but says that the elders are certain that he is brave.

4. Wisdom.  She says that the elders are certain that Jonas will acquire wisdom as he goes through his training.

She also lists one final attribute that the Receiver must have - the Capacity to See Beyond.  She tells the audience that she cannot explain it to them.  However, she says that the current Receiver knows that Jonas has it.  

After the Chief Elder is done speaking, the audience begins to chant Jonas' name, showing their acceptance for his new role.  Jonas doesn't know what to expect yet, but he feels proud.

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