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In what ways did the British Government attempt to HIDE the effects of the Blitz from...

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In what ways did the British Government attempt to HIDE the effects of the Blitz from the British people?

Please include: How and why the Government did it, Counter German propaganda, Aims in applying censorship, use of posters, films, radio, the press


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The British government tried to minimize how much people saw of the effects of the Blitz because they didn't want civilian morale to deteriorate.  If it had, the war effort would have been hurt.

The main way they tried to do this was through censorship.  They did not allow publication of such things as pictures and lists of dead people so as to not publicize the extent of the damage.

The government also tried to use positive propaganda, using all of the types of media you describe to project the image that Britain was not being badly hurt by the Blitz and that the British people could (and were) heroically struggle through the adversity.


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They tried to hide the Blitz as this would have demoralized the British population and damage war efforts. The British Government used propaganda to portray or to give the image that Britain would be able to overcome this challenge which they faced. Also, they tried to make people forget by blocking the publishing of the deaths that arose out of the Blitz.

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