In what way does Scout show bravery throughout To Kill a Mockingbird? Give three examples.Please try to write it in paragraph form and use quotes. Try to give an answer that can be backed up with...

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I don't really view Scout as a particularly brave person, though she is certainly feisty and usually says what's on her mind. Even the events in which she seems to show courage are usually ones where she is not aware of all that is going on around her. For example, when she and Jem and Dill come to Atticus's aid at the jail on the night that the lynch mob shows up, Scout comes to Jem's rescue after one of the men tries to collar him. Scout responds as if she is still on the school yard.

     "Don't you touch him!" I kicked the man swiftly. Barefooted, I was surprised to see him fall back in real pain. I intended to kick his shin, but I aimed too high.

Scout reacts instinctively to protect her brother, but she doesn't have a clue why the men had gathered at the jail. She shows her loyalty and willingness to always follow Jem's lead on the night they sneak into the Radley's back yard. She knows that if they actually encounter Boo, there could be trouble, but she never considers that the threesome will attract fire from Nathan Radley's shotgun. Scout shows the true tomboy spirit when she fights boys--Walter Cunningham Jr. and her cousin Francis--and wins both fights. The bravery she shows by taking on bigger boys is undeniable, but it comes more from her hot temper than from true courage. In Scout's case, it takes more courage for her to walk away from Cecil Jacobs' insults--calling her a "Cow--ward"--than to fight the other boys.

It was the first time I ever walked away from a fight.


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