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what was Picasso influenced by?why did he like to do arts and crafts?

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what was Picasso influenced by?

why did he like to do arts and crafts?

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Picasso was first influenced toward the field of art because his father was a Professor of Drawing. His father said that Picasso's skills were stronger than his own and urged his son to attend school for training in classical skills of drawing and painting.

Picasso had his own ideas about how to develop his love of art and soon left the school to study in Spain. There he was influenced by the color and emotion in the paintings of Velazquez and Goya who tried to show great personal expression in their work.

Moving back and forth between Barcelona and Paris, Picasso painted the life he saw around him with its lively energy and color. Eventually, he became interested in the ideas of Cubism in the work of Braque. His interest in moving away from the classical ideals of the Renaissance produced a continuation in his studies of different ways of depicting perspective and illusion.

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