What was the disorder that Abraham Lincoln had that caused him to be tall and thin?I cannot recall if it was a disease or not.  I just need a short answer--disorder and its characteristics. ...

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I have heard that Abraham Lincoln may have suffered from Marfan's Syndrome. One of the indicators of this condition are rather long and slender limbs. People with Marfan's are often quite tall and gangly, like Lincoln was.

Although this aspect of Marfan's syndrome we can see, the most dangerous aspect of Marfan's syndrome is what we cannot see. Marfan's affects the body's connective tissues and this element of the condition can be extremely dangerous, especially if the connective tissues of the heart are affected.

I have seen a video-taped operation of a heart-valve replacement surgery on a patient who had Marfan's Syndrome. The patient's defective coronary tissue was causing one of his heart valves to leak, a condition which the surgeon described as being like a bomb about to go off in the patient's heart.

This same surgeon suggested that Abraham Lincoln may have had Marfan's and also suggested that if the assassin's bullet had not killed Lincoln, it might not have been too long before a heart attack resulting from the complications of Marfan's Syndrome would have claimed Lincoln's life.



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