Which concentration camp was Anne sent to?I'm really interested in her.

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She was sent to Bergen-Belsen, where she died.

Be sure to check the eNotes information on Anne Frank, beginning with the link given below.  Good luck!

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Anne and her family were sent to Bergen-Belsen.  The exact date of her death is not absolute, but was in either February or March of 1945.

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Bergen-Belsen is where Anne succumbed in 1945.  This camp does not have the name recognition that others do, like Auschwitz, because it was never actually recognized as a concentration camp.  It was meant to be a "holding" station and a transfer center, but as the populations continued to increase, it served as one nevertheless.  In the month that Anne is thought to have died, March, 1945, approximately 18,000 others died as well.  Many were gravely ill with typhoid or tuberculosis, diseases often common among large populations who share close quarters.  Thousands of others starved to death. 

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Bergen-Belsen in Germany

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Auschwitz first and Bergen- Belsen and she died there.

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Anne Frank, whose family's secret location was betrayed to the Nazis, was sent to Bergen-Belsen where she actually died of typhus. Her sister and mother died but her father, Otto Frank, survived. After the war was over, Anne's diary was published. It has been translated into 67 languages and is read all over the world.

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