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What was the Cluny reform movement?

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What was the Cluny reform movement?

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The Cluny (or Cluniac) reform movement was an effort to reform the Catholic Church.  Although some of its goals were similar to those of the Protestant Reformation, it happened centuries before the Reformation. 

The Cluniac movement arose in France in 910.  Cluniacs felt that the Church was becoming too worldly and too concerned with material wealth and temporal power.  The Cluniac movement got its start in monasteries.  Duke William of Aquitaine founded a monastery that was meant to return to what William thought religion should really be like.  The monks were to engage in hard work and communal prayer.  They were to help others rather than seeking riches and power.  This movement spread quickly and put some pressure on the Church as a whole to reform its ways.

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