What was the author's main purpose in writing, "To Kill a Mockingbird"?

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There are many similarities in this novel and Harper Lee's own upbringing that suggest some of her childhood experiences helped create this work.

Harper Lee has denied that the novel is autobiographical, despite the obvious similarities between the author's life and that of Scout's. Lee's father was a southern lawyer in Alabama, and Lee was quite a tomboy who enjoyed the company of a spirited boy, Truman Capote, whom it is speculated was the model for Dill.

The book explores the key themes of racism and its causes and effects, as well as the aspects of courage and tolerance. While there was nothing to suggest anything so dramatic occurring in Lee's life, it can be seen that she witnessed plenty of these themes in her own childhood that she wanted to express.

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They say the book is based on education.

I see it as more about racial issues and judging people before you get to know them. Throughtout the book Scout has to learn not to judge people. Atticus is also in a judgemental situtationw ith Tom Robinson and defending him in court. Also it is based on doing what you think is right versus what everyboody else thinks is right.

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