What were Andrew Jackson's strengths and weaknesses as president?

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I would argue that Jackson's greatest strength was his passion for defending the "common man."  His greatest weakness was that he was too passionate and too prone to thinking that he was being attacked.

Jackson's strengths and weaknesses can be seen together in the "war" over the Bank of the United States.  Because Jackson believed that the Bank was a means for the elites to control the common people, he fought passionately against it.  However, because he was so passionate about it, he (you could argue) went too far.  He did things like taking federal money out of the Bank and putting it into his "pet banks."  He also took steps that (you could argue) led to an economic panic.  All of this happened because he was not inclined to compromise or to go slowly.

So I would argue that Jackson's greatness and his weakness both stemmed from his passionate devotion to the idea of protecting the common people.

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