What are the types of Congressional Caucuses? Could you give examples too?

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Members of Congress can form several types of caucuses, but the most common types align along (1) party platform interests, (2) ethnic or racial concerns, (3) ideological similarities, or (4) the more ambiguously named "interest groups". This last type might be easily confused with the non-congressional advocacy groups that include lobbyists and/or regular citizens. Certain types of caucuses may have the support of both major parties from both Houses of Congress.

Examples on caucus types (corresponding to the numbers above):

(1). The Senate Democratic Caucus, formed in the 1870s, and formally organized in 1903.

(2). The Congressional Hispanic Caucus, formed in 1976.

(3). The Blue Dog Coalition, formed in 1995.

(4). The Congressional Motorcycle Safety Caucus, formed in 2009.

An official caucus is only recognized as such when it has been registered with the Committee on House Administration.

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