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What types of conflicts in the short story"Dead Men's Path"?

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What types of conflicts in the short story"Dead Men's Path"?

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There is one main conflict, and a variety of other, smaller conflicts that contribute to the main one.

The obvious conflict is the external conflict that results when the Michael Obi's wife plants a garden over the path that connects the village shrine to the place of burial.  The priest visits Michael Obi and explains the uses of the foothpath, and Michael Obi refuses to change his mind about allowing the villagers to use it.  This is an example of a person versus person conflict.

There is also a person vs. society conflict.  The "old way"--personified by the foot path and the priest--clash with the "new way"--Michael Obi's headstrong belief about not having the footpath go through the school grounds.  THis could also be a person vs. supernatural conflict, because the supernatural "gets back" at Michael Obi by destroying the school right before the government inspection happens.

All of these are examples of external conflicts.


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