What type of poem is Auden's "Funeral Blues"?what are the indicators of the poem?( like is it lyrical or narrative) what type is it?( like is it sonnet. haiku, ode......) what are the sound of...

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"Funeral Blues" is an elegy, a poem written about someone who has died. The rhyme scheme is aabbccddeeffgghh, with each stanza containing two rhymed couplets.

The speaker is calling on the world to come to a stop and mourn the death of his/her lover. In the final stanza, the speaker calls on God or nature to put away the stars, the oceans, the woods, much as a housekeeper would put away unneeded items during a spring cleaning.

The poem verges on hyperbole, implying that the entire world would stop for the death of a single person (although that is certainly the way it feels to a mourner). This poem was originally written as a parody of an elegy to a fallen political leader.

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