What two very real products in the marketplace have characteristics similar to those that define you.What two very real products in the marketplace have characteristics similar to those that define...

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The most comparable product to myself are my hot pink Nike running shoes.  They are sporty and fun, like myself, but are also comfortable.  People can relax around me--I'm unpretentious and easy-going.  Like the dependable comfort of my running shoes, I am also there for the long haul. 

I am also like my Vera Bradley floral print handbag.  This purse is whimsical with its cheery floral print and bright colors, but is also extremely practical.  I can just throw it in the washing machine with the laundry if it gets dirty. 

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Though I prefer to focus on one task at a time instead of multi-tasking, I can identify with the new tablet computers that allow for multiple apps to be in use at one time. Sometimes, one task requires multiple tools.

Efficiency is something I strive for, and I value my time - time saved and time used well. (I should probably emphasize the word strivehere. Efficiency is a goal, but not always a reality for me.)

I also identify with books.

Books are a very real part of the marketplace, communicative and aware of contemporary issues, but standing apart from them and usually one step behind.

As much as I might like to be "up on the newest things", most of the time, I'm not. Books, by their nature, are one full step behind the latest news and trends - unless the news and trends stick around for at least nine months while a book is being written, edited, printed, released and distributed. 

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Right now, my life is very disorganized and filled with clutter and confusion. This would make me like Microsoft; they can't seem to understand what the consumers want, and so they waste valuable time and effort on products that are effectively useless and outdated before they are introduced to the market, such as the search engine Bing. There is no need for Bing, and it gives back worse results than most other search engines, but Microsoft continues to push it as the next big thing. Like Bing, I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for, and I don't necessarily know it if I stumble across it.

What I would like to be is smoothed down and free of weight, like a sleek product that serves its purpose and has no useless features. Something like a kayak. A kayak is simple and elegant, serves its function, and is free of unnecessary complication; you can build a kayak in your basement without much prior skill! In fact, maybe that should be my summer project....

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I am like a laptop computer, filled with information that is sometimes difficult to retrieve, fairly small and lightweight, and occasionally subject to viruses.  My batteries need recharging frequently, and my desktop tends to be a bit cluttered. 

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If I remember correctly, you originally posted this as a question about qualities that would define you in terms of jobs.  In other words, I think that you were asking about qualities that you might bring up at a job interview.

One of my qualities is that I get along well with people, particularly with teens.  This is an exceedingly hard quality to look for in a product.  I mean, I don't get along with them as well as an iPhone -- I'm not that popular.  So maybe I'd be a teen's favorite gas station -- something that they would rather not have to deal with (since teens don't usually love teachers and school) but that is sort of the best of a bad lot...

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One very real product that has characteristics similar to those that define me is Kraft Dinner! It's unpretentious, fills a need, is not over-priced, and is a reliable, if somewhat salty product. I feel I'm basically down-to-earth and unpretentious,. I also believe I fill a need to those in my life, just as they do to me. This includes fulfilling the needs of my family and clients in my business. I don't overcharge for what I offer, but do demand a fair price. And, I guess at times, I can be a bit salty depending on the situation, issue, or argument at hand.

Another very real product that has characteristics similar to those that define me is basic sliced bread that is found on supermarket or your local baker's shelves. It is suitable to a host of meals. It meets nutrition needs and can be done up in different ways. I believe I often adapt well to a host of situations. Bread is basic and can seem boring, but without it we wouldn't have sandwiches, french toast, regular toast, cinnamon toast, bread for dipping into fine olive oils, and more. I believe, that yes, I may be boring sometimes, but I'm there when needed for an array of situations.



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