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What two symbols describe a person who quit using money, lives without money and has...

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What two symbols describe a person who quit using money, lives without money and has not used a penny in over a decade?

A person that can say that they have plenty of things, without spending, a person that lives free and does not need money to survive. They get food from nature and dumpsters. And they find clothes and other items from others leftover, that people throw away, what symbol represents that person?

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The type of person you are describing is often homeless, especially when pictured in an urban setting. Homelessness is, unfortunately, common enough for many of us to have a clear image of what this situation looks like. 

Over 100 million people around the world have no shelter whatsoever.

When we see or think about this type of person in an urban setting, a shopping cart is a common visual accessory. We can see the cart as a self-powered transport, costing nothing to move from place to place, but holding and moving the goods that have been accumulated by the person.

Certain clothing items may be associated with this person as well. Often exposed to the elements, homeless urban scavengers are often seen or depicted wearing an all-weather coat (such as a trench coat) or fingerless gloves, which are similarly adaptable to various types of weather. In a rainy season, a person may use a trash bag as a poncho or rain coat. 

A person relying on nature instead of on urban resources might be symbolized differently. This person will more likely require tools, but not a device of transport like his urban counterpart. This person may have a stationary shelter. A simple shelter, a multi-tool (such as a Swiss Army knife) or an ax might work to symbolize this figure. 

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