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What are two possible alternative solutions to the problem? A manufacturers...

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What are two possible alternative solutions to the problem?

A manufacturers merchandising assistant receives an entire shipment of sample shirts (in the U.S. for a show at its largest retailers Canada store) manufactured in Saudi Arabia, however Canada has an embargo on clothing from Saudi Arabia and won't permit it to enter the country. The production shirts will not be produced in Saudi Arabia.

The merchandising assistant finds out that the shirts can enter the country as long as they are mutilated so that it is obvious they are only samples and can never be sold. The recommended way to do this is to cut a swatch of fabric out of the back of the shirt, so that they look fine on the rack but obviously can't be worn by anyone. This brings a whole new set of problems for the merchandising assistant because the shipment contained a few thousand dollars worth of shirts at retail for the show with the expectation that they will be returned for future sales.

The manufacturer doesn't want their shirts mutilated because they will not be able to recoup any of their money. The retailer is adamant that they need to see how the sample merchandise looks in a store environment before placing an order. The manufacturer has put a great deal of pressure on the assistant merchandiser to just lie about the country of origin on the shipping label, saying that “There's no way anyone's going to check it.”

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One possible solution to the assistant's financial and ethical dilemma is to reject the delivery, have it returned to port of origin and take the loss. This may also include the loss of her/is job as this is the sort of detail that the assistant was obliged to check and confirm before placing an order.

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