What is the net ionic equation when Aluminum nitrate and aq. ammonia are mixed together?

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Aluminum nitrate and aqueous ammonia reacts to produce gelatinous white precipitate of aluminium hydroxide, ammonium nitrate remains in solution.

The balanced chemical equation is:

`Al(NO_3)_3 (aq) + 3NH_4OH (aq) rarr Al(OH)_3 (s) + 3NH_4NO_3 (aq)`

Total ionic equation:

`Al^(3+) (aq) + 3NO_3^(-) (aq) + 3NH_4OH rarr Al(OH)_3 (s) + 3NH_4^+ (aq) + 3NO_3^(-) (aq) `

Net ionic equation:
`Al^(3+) (aq) + 3NH_4OH rarr Al(OH)_3 (s) + 3NH_4^(+) (aq)`

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