What trick does Odysseus devise to get past Cyclops? After, he is blinded, Cyclops sits in the doorway of his cave to catch anyone who tries to escape.


The Odyssey

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Even before he blinds the Cyclops, crafty Odysseus has told the Cyclops that his name is Nobody (or No one, depending on your translation) After Odysseus blinds the Cyclops, he and his men escape by hanging onto the undersides of sheep. As the sheep pass by the Cyclops to go out to graze, the Cyclops runs his hand over the tops of the sheep - to make sure they are sheep and that Odysseus and his men aren't riding out. They escape that way. As the Cyclops calls to his brothers all he can say is that Nobody has hurt me. Odysseus, however, can't seem to be quiet, and after he and his men are safely away from the Cyclops, Odysseus reveal his name to the Cyclops. Not a good idea as the Cyclops is a son of Poseidon (who is already angry with Odysseus).

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Odysseus has his men tie themselves under the sheep, so that when the sheep leave the cave, the Cyclops (now going only by feel), will feel the sheep to make sure no humans are among them, but will miss them.

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He disguises his men and himself as sheep using sheep from the Cyclops' own herd. They strap the sheep to their backs and exit the Cyclops' cave. The blinded Cyclops is searching for Odysseus and his men, but feels the "sheep" as they go by and so they get away.

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