What is the tone of "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell?i have to do a tone diagram on this short story but I can't understand what the tone of this story is.

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Richard Connell manages to convey a number of tones in his adventure short story "The Most Dangerous Game." As the title suggests, there is an element of danger felt throughout the novel. A dangerous mood persists when Rainsford falls of the yacht, when he meets Ivan, when he learns of Zaroff's true motives, and during the lengthy hunt. An ominous feel is also evident, beginning on the yacht when Whitney and Rainsford discuss the mysterious Ship-Trap Island. Zaroff's conversation, at first interesting to Rainsford, soon turns menacing. The tone turns to horror when Zaroff matter-of-factly tells Rainsford about his murderous new game, and when Rainsford discovers the fear that a prey feels when he is being hunted. Even the ending, when Zaroff declares Rainsford the winner, but Rainsford decides to kill him anyway, leaves the reader wondering if Rainsford has succumbed to the same desires that plagued the general.

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The tone of a story is the attitude of narrator and is usually expressed as positive, negative, and neutral.  The tone of this story would be negative because the story is about a cruel game where people hunt people.  Tone is often confused with mood which is the feeling the read feels as they read the story.

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