What three similarities between the Tom Robinson trial and the Scottsboro trial?    One similarity should deal with Judge Horton's address to the jury.

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Well for one, the Scottsboro (a group of young African American children) boys, just like Tom Robinson were falsely accused of raping a white woman. Tom Robinson was found guilty in a trial of his peers, just as the Scottsboro boys did. However, Atticus Finch provides the largest of inaccuracies of the Scottsboro case.

The Scottsboro case (they were all sentenced to death) was made so controversial due to the fact that they only met with their lawyers about a half an hour before the trial took place and they actually fell asleep in the court room. Where Atticus Finch was considered a great lawyer for Tom Robinson, the Scottsboro trial lawyers were pathetic public defenders who couldn't even stay awake. The decision in the Scottsboro case was overturned by rule of mistrial, thus establishing the right to an attorney.

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The Scottsboro boys have white people defending them as did Tom Robinson in TKAM.

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The jury was prejudice DUHH!

they went with what the public

thought and not with what the

case was aBOUT

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  • Things similar : -
  • the time periods of both the trials 
  • Reason for trial ( accused of rape ) 
  • Defendants were both blaCk. 
  • - how much the lawyers cared 
  • - location 


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