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Why should parents and school officials should use superior force as they discipline?im...

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Why should parents and school officials should use superior force as they discipline?

im writing an essay on discipline of superior force and I need ideas to talk about and I was wondering What are some good reasons why parents and school officials should use more force as they discipline?

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One definition of superior force in terms of discipline is that superior force is discipline in which consequences are imposed upon a child when he or she would not understand the consequences of his or her actions.

If this is the definition you are using, then parents should use superior force because children often do not understand that their actions will have grave consequences.  For example, a teen who goes out and gets drunk may not realize that the consequences of this action could include getting badly hurt or killed in a car crash or getting pregnant or contracting an STD from having sex while drunk.  In such a case, a parent would absolutely need to impose consequences on the teen so that they would refrain from getting drunk.  When parents or school officials understand the consequences of actions better than students do, they will need to use superior force in their disciplinary actions.

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