What are three of the problems homesteaders faced while settling the American West?

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The homesteaders faced a myriad of problems when trying to settle the American West.  First, they faced the thread of ambush by various American Indian tribes, obviously.  The Indians did not appreciate the settlers invading their land, and who wouldn't?  I would certainly defend my land if strangers came on it.  Secondly, they faced an uncertain future. When settlers went out West, they did not have any guarantees concerning their futures.  They didn't know what they would find and if they would get there alive or once there, if they'd survive or be able to support themselves.  Finally, they faced the threat of possible starvation.  Once there, settlers had to find a way to grow food or obtain it, so there was always the threat of families starving to death (not to mention finding a water source!).

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They faced many problems when trying to settle in the American West. First, they have to fight against the threat of cowboys, who claimed that these lands belong to them, thus leading to conflict and tension. Also, they are worried by ambushes by American Indian tribes, who are trying to remove the whites who are invading their homeland, by rading wagon trains or homesteads. Finally, there would be a possible occurence of droughts that would stirke their crops, so lowering production value, thus leading to starvation as less food is produced.

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