What are three main similarities and differences between Jack and Ralph from the novel - Lord of the Flies.Quotes would be much appreciated as well. For similarities: I know that they're both...

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Similarities and differences between Ralph and Jack in William Golding's Lord of the Flies:

DIFFERENCES.  Ralph is the more intelligent of the two. Ralph seems to be far more concerned with being rescued than Jack. Ralph's desire to maintain an orderly and democratic system of life while on the island is much stronger than Jack's idea of fairness.

SIMILARITIES.  I see far fewer similarities between the two boys. However, both Jack and Ralph have obvious leadership qualities and show their bravery while hunting. They are both athletic, and they are English. 

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In doing a comparison and contrast between Jack and Ralph one can say that both boys were around the same age and were part of the older group of boys.  Each of the boys had a strong personality which gave them the qualities of a leader and they were both physically fit and in good shape.

The difference in the boys is more prevalent because of the nature of the story.  Jack had a more aggressive and violent nature.  Ralph relished the qualities of a more civilized society and refused to engage in wild savage behaviors.  Jack gravitated towards follower’s that  were sadistic such as Rodger while Ralph tended to take on relationships with those ho needed him and who he could help like Piggy and the small boys.  Ralph was responsible and recognized that the fire needed to be controlled.  Jack abandoned traditional roles and responsibilities.

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