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What are the things that we should consider while delivering inspirational speech to...

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What are the things that we should consider while delivering inspirational speech to the grown ups and kids 10 to 16 years old?

Dear all, I am considering to start a motivational programme for adults and kinds but dont have enough material in hand.Could any of you help me.

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The power of individual choice and freedom is a fairly compelling concepts that can apply to many individuals.  It is something of which we lose sight.  We tend to not understand that the choices we make on a daily, hourly, and even minute by minute basis can help define who we are and what we hope to become.  I think that everyone, especially kids during adolescence, have to fully grasp that their choices play a vital role in the definition of self and being able to see both within the time to understand the implications of choice and outside of it.  I think that the issue of personal choice could be an excellent topic upon which to base a speech.

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To add to the first answer, I would say focus on goal-setting and steps toward achievement.  It is univerally applicable and appealing - and certainly something that when taught young can be very beneficial for life.  Most successful behavioral therapy programs begin with "treatment plans" which are, essentially, a statement of the patient's (and therapist's) goals.

In this, you can teach the difference between short-term and long-term goals.  Then you can show how these actually work together and form a basis for healthy life rhythms.

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Since you are going to be delivering speeches to kids aged 10-16, I would make sure you research ways to grab their attention. I would say for this age group you would want to make sure that you remain full of energy in order to keep their attention.

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Understand that your audience is still growing and developing cognitively. They will be at different levels of maturity regarding this. Something that might be nice to address is people their age who have struggled with and overcome some of the very same adversities that many of them experience in their lives.

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I imagine you must have some inspiration for your inspirational speaking company! You might have some personal experiences that you are planning to draw upon. You really need to have some kind of message before you can begin something like this.

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