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What are the themes in the story Tuck Everlasting and please tell to me all of the...

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What are the themes in the story Tuck Everlasting and please tell to me all of the themes in order of each chapter?

I want to know every theme in the story not the movie if you can tell me all the themes.

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One of the driving themes of Tuck Everlasting is the idea of immortality and time, which is in every single chapter of the book. The Tuck family have been frozen in time and will never die. They are stuck at the edge of the river while the river continues to flow around them. Winnie Foster must eventually choose whether she wants to give up the natural order of life and drink from the spring, becoming immortal. But she ultimately decides that there is nothing to live for if you never run the risk of dying. It is the possibility of loss that makes life precious. 

Other related themes are the idea of freedom from boundaries, and changes that happen in life. Winnie lives in a tightly-protected world where she is sheltered and overly protected. The Tucks symbolize a freedom for her, a freedom from the strict rules of her parents and a freedom from time itself. In some ways the Tucks live a loose life, traveling around from place to place, not staying anywhere too long in case someone recognizes them. However, there is some fear in their lives, too, fear of discovery and fear of what people would do with the water from the spring if they knew. Winnie is afraid of many changes that are happening or will happen in her life, but as she witnesses the Tucks trapped in their bodies, never growing older or changing, she realizes that changes are a part of life and are not a bad thing at all. 


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