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What is the theme and some literary devices in this poem "HAILSTORM"by Peter...

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Posted February 3, 2013 at 9:55 PM via web

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What is the theme and some literary devices in this poem "HAILSTORM"by Peter Christensen?


by Peter Christensen


I remember the hailstorm

Of 1952

As if I were a man then

My memory thickens

With each story

My father tells

Of those hard years

I see him standing

In a ripened barley field

adrift in his garden
of winds and clouds
and grain

all ready for harvest

The sky goes grey and black
The barley heads begin

sway their beards

caught in a desperate wind


Then there is a silence in the land

It smells of false truce

and my father’s figure

transforms from farmer

to scarecrow

White stones

Come running towards him

hail prancing

like horse’s hooves

beating the yellow-kernelled stalks

flatly to the ground


I watched his heart

follow the hailstones

to the rich black earth

where side by side

lies the naked seed

and the melting winter

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