What is the texture of coal?I want to know if coal is soft or rough, if it has grains and whatnot; I have done research on coal and I do not need anything else other than the texture of coal.  ...

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Well, this is your lucky day!  It just so happens my grandfather on my dad's side of the family had several pot-bellied stoves in his home he heated primarily from an anthracite coal pile near the woodshed at the rear of his house.  One of the jobs I did when we went to visit grandpa was to take the empty coal scuttle (a bucket used for servicing fireplaces), fill it full of coal, and bring it into the house.

The texture of anthracite coal (black coal) is rough in that it is a rock, but it has a smooth, almost slippery quality as well.  This may be due to very fine crystal formation within the coal, or it may be because of the hydrocarbon molecular formula that comprises coal.  Coal is like crude oil in that it is the remains of dead plants and animals, composed of carbon chains that can be up to 50 carbon atoms long!  Whatever the reason, it has a smooth, slippery feel to it.  You also have to wash your hands after handling it, as the carbon rubs off on your hands.


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