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What is the symbolic relation to the island being like the Garden of Eden? I'm doing...

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What is the symbolic relation to the island being like the Garden of Eden? 

I'm doing an essay on the symbolism in the book. I'm trying to relate all of it to sort of a religious view. I got Simon as Jesus, Lord of the Flies as Satan, and I just need help finding some evidence of how the island is like the Garden of Eden. Thanks so much!

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In the garden of Eden, Adam and Eve had freedom to choose from all the fruit trees except one. They were innocent and did not realize they were naked. In much the same way, Ralph and the boys have freedom to eat of all the fruit trees. They swim around innocently while they are naked. 

The forbidden fruit would be the meat because Jack and his hunters have to kill an innocent animal to get it. This causes blood shed which hurts the heart of God. 

The boys were in a paradise setting yet they were not satisfied. They lusted for forbidden meat. They became consumed with the idea of bloodshed. Killing became a game. It became too easy. 

Likewise, when Adam and Eve lusted for the forbidden fruit, they ate of the fruit and discovered they were naked. They lost their innocence just like Jack and his hunters did. The first animal had to die to clothe Adam and Eve. This broke the heart of God in that Adam and Eve lost their innocence while an animal lost its life to clothe them.

Next, Adam's and Eve's children are murdering one another. 

Simon does represent the Jesus Christ figure. He is a picture of goodness. He had to be sacrificed just like Jesus Christ in order to save Ralph from becoming bloodthirsty like Jack:

Perhaps the most symbolic character in the story, Simon represents the religious prophet or seer who is sensitive and inarticulate yet who, of all the boys, perhaps sees reality most clearly.

Simon is the most spiritual. He has insight and wisdom beyond his years.

From the time Jack and his hunters killed their first pig, their innocence was over. They became obsessed with the kill. Killing became an evil adventure. These innocent children became lustful and even obscene as to how Roger put his spear into the anus of the sow and twisted it to hear the screaming anguish of the sow. Roger and the boys just laughed. 


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