what is the summary and irony of the story the fortune teller by karel capek?


Karel Čapek

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The irony in the story is that the old lady predicted a certain future for miss Jones, or Mrs macleary... which in the end came true!
despite all the criticisms. she predicted that she would get married to young rich man and move to a place across the sea. in this case.. Australia!
So basically, what they thought to be bull , came around to bite them in the bum. and detective MacLeary got the hardest bite. The story explores the way fate can have its own share of fun by playing practical jokes on its hapless victims

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Though Mrs.Myers was a fortune teller she could not predict that Mrs.MacLeary was of 24 years age and not 20. Next, she could not predict about herself that she had to go to the court and that Mrs.MacLeary was a danger to her. The judge was interested in correcting the was to see the prophecy rather than discussing about her punishment. And the greatest irony is that the prophesy of the fake fortune teller comes true at the end and it gives a total twist to the story.

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