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What is the subject matter and significance of "Mending Wall"?separate the answer of...

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What is the subject matter and significance of "Mending Wall"?

separate the answer of subject matter and significance by giving quotes and describe each topic..


Editor's note: A Q&A is 90 words -- that limits what can be covered in a single one. I've described subject matter and significance; you should be able to locate apt quotations in the text of the poem.


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Robert Frost’s “Mending Wall” is a narrative poem in blank verse. It subject matter is two neighbours in New England who each year walk the length of a stone wall between their properties in order to find places where the stones have fallen down and repair the wall by picking up stones of the appropriate size and inserting them in any gaps or loose areas.

Its significance in literary history has to do with the Georgian revival of narrative, often with rural themes, and return to traditional prosody as a reaction to modernism. In contrast to international modernism, Georgian poetics emphasizes regional roots, and thus Frost echoes the New England of Emerson, Thoreau, Longfellow, and other earlier American poets.

The wall itself and the tradition of mending it stand as emblems of the rituals that define local community.


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