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What are the strength and the weakness of WISC (weschler intellegence scale for...

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What are the strength and the weakness of WISC (weschler intellegence scale for children)?

My probands live at small village, uneducated (max high school)

I had tested them..but the score is very law ((more less 90) They are all normal (non mentally retarded people)

Their parent (all) are farmers...

thats all thanks 

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Of course, like any standardized test, the emotional state of the person being tested can affect the results.  If the person is anxious, tired, or uncomfortable with the tester, the scores can be skewed.  

In general, the WISC is well accepted as the best general test of cognitive ability available.   It has the advantage that it does not require reading or writing.  The latest version WISC-IV (2003) was renormed.  One drawback of the test is that for older students, speed is really important to get a higher than average score.  I can imagine that individuals living in a small farming village might be used to functioning at a slower speed than more urban individuals. 

A standard score of 90 isn't all that low, since the test is designed so that a standard score of 100 is average.  The standard deviation for the WISC is 15 points, so 90 isn't even one standard deviation below average.  It would be worth looking at the subscores to see if there are large gaps between the subscores, or if the results were pretty consistent.  This can tell you alot about an individual's abilities and deficits. 

I hope this is helpful.

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